Expert Analytics consists of consultants with an extensive background in scientific research, teaching, programming and science education and communication. A few of us even have a long lecturing experience at different departments of the University of Oslo.

We offer courses in a wide range of topics. Below you will find a few of these topics, sorted by programming language. If you have something in mind that is not listed, feel free to let us know. We can easily tailor courses as needed, if it is inside our scope of knowledge.


C++ is a general-purpose programming language that combines high-level features like object-orientation with low-level memory manipulation. Its low-level features make it a good choice for system software and other performance-critical or resource-constrained systems, while its high-level facilities give it great flexibility for use in application software.


Python is versatile general purpose scripting language with a wide range of applications. It focuses on readability, and is an excellent platform for development in the open-source world as well as in the enterprise. It is highly cross-platform compatible and allows for building powerful applications from a minimal amount of code.

Python exists currently in both version 2 and 3. We at Expert analytics teach both, but recommend version 3, if legacy doesn’t require the use of version 2.


Rust is a modern systems programming language that guarantees thread safety and runs without a runtime environment. As such, it does not need a garbage collector and runs amazingly fast. We offer an introduction course, where we teach the core concepts of the language.

Cross-Language Integration

Many programming languages provide application programming interfaces that allow them to communicate with other languages through libraries or services. In addition, many tools exist to ease the burden of employing these interfaces, making using programs across multiple languages much simpler.

Miscellaneous Topics

These are courses for tools that do not associate directly with any particular programming language or platform.