Advanced Data Visualization

Concise and informative visualisation is the key for comprehension and communication of data and analysis results. Especially these days where the amount of data is often huge and traditional visualisation forms may not be suitable. Treatments like data reduction or aggregation are then needed to visualise the data efficiently.

Visualisation of data plays an important role in data science, machine learning and analysis platforms. Raw data needs to be inspected, results of computational simulations and algorithms need to verified, and the end-users need insight into the data too. Given the large amounts of data available in today’s analyses, implementing efficient and responsive visualization software is far from trivial.

Our consultants have expertise in standard and advanced data visualisation techniques. This includes pretreatments such as reduction, aggregation and contextualising of data. For more complex visualization of larger data sets, a combination of different techniques is often required. For instance, deriving some statistical measures across spatial, temporal and parametric dimensions can be combined with blending techniques to provide novel visual insight.

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Anis Ayati

Anis holds a PhD in Fluid Mechanics from the University of Oslo. Before joining us, he completed a three-year postdoctoral fellowship, which included research stays at PUC-Rio, Brazil and Princeton University, USA.

Diako Darian

Diako holds a Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics from the University of Oslo. As a student at both Mathematics and Physics departments at the University of Oslo, he has acquired a broad knowledge in various physical and mathematical theories, and numerical methods.

Fredrik Meyer

Fredrik holds a PhD in algebraic geometry, and enjoys programming and teaching. He enjoys explaining hard concepts, both in a one-to-many and one-to-one setting. He enjoys encountering new problems, and spending time thinking on creative solutions. As a software consultant he has learned how to build robust software and write clean and maintainable code. Before joining us, Fredrik worked at Bekk Consulting, where he has worked with both frontend and backend systems.

Guttorm Kvaal

Guttorm is a curious person with an interest and enthusiasm for technology and problem solving. His academic background is focused around applied mathematics, programming, and physics. He submitted his master’s thesis the summer 2017 in the field of Computational Science and Engineering at the University of Oslo / Simula.

Naeeme Danesh Moghaddam

Naeeme is an enthusiastic software developer with many years of experience as a project engineer. Before joining our team, she worked in the field of 3D modelling and CFD simulation of reactive and non-reactive flows, employing high-performance computing and immersive virtual reality environments to optimize the performance of industrial units. This allowed her to gain experience in solving complex problems using her expertise in software development combined with her knowledge in fluid dynamics, chemical thermodynamics, mass and heat transfer.

Ola Skavhaug

Founder and CSO of Expert Analytics. Loves mixing high and low level languages to join flexibility and high perfomance computing.

Robert Hagala

Robert has a PhD in astrophysics, with a specialisation in cosmological simulations. He is experienced with numerical modelling of physical systems, statistical analysis of large data sets, high-performance computing, and cloud based applications.

Robert Solli

Robert Solli is a specialist in scientific programming, with expertise in mathematical optimisation, statistical analysis and machine learning. He has solved a varied set of problems with this skillset, from understanding complex physical systems to increasing student volunteer participation.

Sebastian Franco Ulloa

Sebastian is a curious person always looking to learn about new topics and combining them in any way he can think of. He received his PhD in biocomputional sciences in March 2021 from the University of Bologna/Italian Institute of Technology. Sebastian’s reasearch has been focused on how nanomaterials interact with physiological environments. He is experienced in molecular simulations, data visualization, and scientific writing.

Vinzenz Gregor Eck

Vinzenz is a curious, pragmatic, creative problem solver. He holds a PhD in biomechanical engineering, focusing on stochastic simulations of the blood flow in the human arterial system. This interdisciplinary work included working within engineering, medicine, biology, software development and statistics.