Systems Development

In today's world of everything distributed, making a system do the right thing is not always an easy task. In addition, requirements constantly evolve and business owners often like to use the newest and shiniest advancements. Developing software systems in a maintainable manner with focus on correctness becomes then a challenge. And we are up for that challenge - our software engineers usually consider the case more interesting, the more complex it gets.

Consultants at Expert Analytics have participated in large systems development projects with many of our clients, and often take on roles as tech lead, lead developer or technical architect. And we are eager at keeping up with modern trends such as variants of agile development, test-driven development, and DevSecOps. A narrow view on the programming environment is not sufficient, but rather a holistic view that includes databases, run time and testing environments, continuous integration and deployment in addition to the development environment itself.

When it comes to the actual tools to be used in a project, we try to be pretty agnostic. The preferences and competences of the client are usually the deciding factors when several tools can do the job. We are fine with that - and will adapt - as through the years we have come to understand that a tool often just decides the syntax. We contribute with a deeper understanding and the ability to solve the problems at hand - solutions can then be coded up in the selected environment. There are however situations where we understand that a tool is very wrong for the problem to be solved, and then we will speak out.

To get the full scope of the languages, tools, and environments that Expert Analytics can apply to your project, the individual CVs of our employees must be consulted. What we most often use is Python, Java, Go, and C++. We have worked extensively with Postgres, Azure SQL, Google Datastore and Firestore, and Cosmos DB. For continuous testing and integration we are familiar with most of the main players, and we have deployed on Google, Azure, and Amazon cloud solutions.

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Phone: +47 900 69 915


Alexander Fleischer

Alexander submitted his master's thesis in computational quantum physics at the University of Oslo in 2018. For the past two years, he has worked on projects in the public transport sector for Ruter As. Here he has developed software using various technologies including Python, Flask, Google OR-Tools, Javascript/React.js, Git, Jenkins and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Eigil Skjæveland

Eigil submitted his master's thesis in computer science in 2017 after completing a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics. In his thesis he studied the application of databases to identify higher-level semantics in event data.

Emil Løvgren

Analyst, strategist and technology enthusiast.

Broad industry insight and project management experience from cross-industry collaboration projects, business development, research strategy, and project planning and excecution.

Guttorm Kvaal

Guttorm is a curious person with an interest and enthusiasm for technology and problem solving. His academic background is focused around applied mathematics, programming, and physics. He submitted his master’s thesis the summer 2017 in the field of Computational Science and Engineering at the University of Oslo / Simula.

Johannes Weissmann

Johannes holds a master's degree in computational physics from the Technical University uf Munich (TUM). He is a pragmatic problem solver capable of seeing the bigger picture and able to rapidly integrate into existing teams and projects.

Martin Alnæs

Martin is an expert scientific programmer with a PhD in computational science and more than a decade of software engineering experience from research and industry. This combination of a solid educational background in mathematics and computer science, research and supervision experience, and lots of practical software engineering experience allows him to tackle most development problems as a team player or independently if need be.

Stian Lågstad

Stian finished his master's thesis at The University of Oslo in the spring of 2016. During his time as a student, he got exposed to several programming languages, such as R, Python, Scheme, Java, and Javascript. In his work experience following that, first as a consultant for Knowit and then as a software engineer for Cognite, he spent a lot of time in the JVM world with Java and Scala.

Trygve Bærland

Trygve holds a master's degree in Industrial Mathematics at NTNU in 2015, and has submitted a Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics at the University of Oslo in 2019. In his thesis Trygve developed, analysed and implemented efficient algorithms for solving systems of equations related to fluid flow in the brain.

Åsmund Ødegård

Founder of Expert Analytics. Enjoys developing small and large systems in a number of languages and environments. Makes sure that everyting is working well, both with clients and internally.