Mobile Payments

Since 2013, we have been involved in projects with Norwegian companies building mobile payment systems; mCash, Auka, and Vipps. Our involvement have mostly been on the backend, working on core transaction and settlement logic as well as internal and external APIs.

Mobile Payment

When working on payment systems, the concepts of data consistency, idempotent operations, and fault-tolerant operations need to be well understood. In order for the system to perform well under load, it is required to understand the relevant performance characteristics of the system including e.g. modern cloud infrastructures.

Through the years, we have built domain knowledge within the field of mobile payments that we now can apply with existing and new customers working on problems in the financial sector. The technologies we have applied in this field are mainly Python and Go, deployed on the Google App Engine and Azure stacks. Both relational and document database models have been used.


Åsmund Ødegård

Founder and CEO of Expert Analytics. Enjoys developing small and large systems in a number of languages and environments. Makes sure that everyting is working well, both with clients and internally.

Guttorm Kvaal

Guttorm is a curious person with an interest and enthusiasm for technology and problem solving. His academic background is focused around applied mathematics, programming, and physics. He submitted his master’s thesis the summer 2017 in the field of Computational Science and Engineering at the University of Oslo / Simula.

Martin Alnæs

Martin is an expert scientific programmer with a PhD in computational science and more than a decade of software engineering experience from research and industry. This combination of a solid educational background in mathematics and computer science, research and supervision experience, and lots of practical software engineering experience allows him to tackle most development problems as a team player or independently if need be.