The ADAM platform

Long term power production planning involves resolving a comprehensive market model with power consumers, producers, and transmission lines, down to the individual reservoirs and hydro power stations and pumps in coupled water courses. This is done by running simulation software that outputs a fairly large amount of data in the range of 15 - 20 GB each time a simulation is run.


We have helped building an analysis platform for this problem that contains a domain model in which simulation results are inserted after they are computed. Furthermore, we have developed advanced techniques for retrieving and visualizing the results in terms of time series data and statistics, along with advanced aggregation of results to allow forecasts to be viewed in ways earlier not feasible.


Andreas Slyngstad

Andreas submitted his master’s thesis in applied mathematics from the University of Oslo and Simula Research Laboratory. In his thesis he investigated numerical schemes, for solving equations describing Fluid-Structure Interaction, using Python and FEniCS. His academic background has given him several tools and approaches for solving complex problems in a computational/software domain.

Diako Darian

Diako holds a Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics from the University of Oslo. As a student at both Mathematics and Physics departments at the University of Oslo, he has acquired a broad knowledge in various physical and mathematical theories, and numerical methods.

Gry M. Tveten

Gry is a curious, efficient and pragmatic problem solver. She completed her PhD in experimental nuclear physics at the University of Oslo in 2013 and most of her PhD work was carried out at CERN. She has 6 years of post doc experience. Her recent work focused on understanding how the elements are created in stellar processes. This research required developing detection systems, analyzing data, visualization and carrying out complex simulations. She has also teaching experience, including course development at university level and has led her own projects since she completed her PhD.

Ola Skavhaug

Founder and CEO of Expert Analytics. Loves mixing high and low-level languages to combine flexibility with performance.

Roar Emaus

Roar has a master’s degree in High Energy Physics from the University of Oslo, completed in 2018. In his thesis he studied two different models of particle production at high energies, one statistical using the thermodynamical equations and one using the properties of a theoretical particle called Pomeron.

Vinzenz Gregor Eck

Vinzenz is a curious, pragmatic, creative problem solver. He holds a PhD in biomechanical engineering, focusing on stochastic simulations of the blood flow in the human arterial system. This interdisciplinary work included working within engineering, medicine, biology, software development and statistics.