Pushing AI to the EDGE!

Starting in May 2021, Expert Analytics is participating in the European Horizon2020 project Distributed Artificial Intelligent Systems - DAIS.

Together with our Norwegian partners Step Solutions and Jotne EPM, Expert Analytics is developing methods for distributed artificial intelligence applied to high frequency data. This enables us to monitor the health status of industry assets without having to send large amounts of data to the cloud for analysis. This is particularly beneficiary for assets in remote locations with limited access to bandwidth, like hydropower, shipping and offshore industry.

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Expert Analytics and Scientific Outreach

A new book showcasing the scientific challenges to be tackled by the European Solar Telescope (EST) has just seen the light. EST is a 4-meter aperture telescope designed to investigate the Sun with unprecedented detail. Equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, it will help scientists understand the magnetic coupling of the solar atmosphere. EST will be the largest solar telescope ever built in Europe and it’s expected to see the so-called first light in 2027. EST is a pan-European project involving 18 countries and financed by EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.

A series of short articles on the science problems to be addressed by EST were published on social media between May 2018 and April 2020. The goal was to raise awareness of solar physics and the importance of the future EST among a general, non-specialised audience. A total of 77 articles were written by professional solar astronomers from 30 different European research centers and universities. All the articles are now collected in this book.

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Expert Analytics in the Press: Article About the Sun Published in Spanish Newspaper

What will happen to the Sun when it dies?

The article entitled “What will happen to the Sun when it dies?” was published in the Spanish newspaper El Pais on October 2, 2019. El Pais is the main general newspaper in Spain. The article (in Spanish) can be found here. Ada is a data scientist at Expert Analytics with a background in academia. Her field of research is Solar Physics, and in addition to doing research she communicates science within education & outreach activities.

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Interview With Simen on His PhD

Simen Tennøe recently defended his PhD thesis in computational neuroscience. In this context, the University of Oslo interviewed him along with two of his co-PhD students on the cross-disciplinary work they have performed during their PhDs.

You can read the article here (in Norwegian). For the especially interested, a longer summary of his PhD can be found here.

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Interview With Jonathan

The University of Oslo recently interviewed Jonathan to learn how he applies the knowledge acquired during his studies in his current job as a senior consultant and problem solver in Expert Analytics.

Read the article here (written in Norwegian).

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Johannes Talking at the Rust Meetup in Oslo

The topic of the session was “Barriers to Rust adoption in Norway”. A lot of developers, it seems, are using Rust at their spare time for pet projects, but few professionally. Some barriers were identified, like the size of the community making it hard for businesses to commit to developing production software in Rust. The community agreed to take action and provide training at both beginner and intermediate level to spread the language, which we think is an excellent and active approach to overcome this issue.

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