Thomas Zengaffinen-Morris

Thomas submitted his PhD thesis in Applied Mathematics in November 2020 to the University of Oslo, with supervision from NGI Oslo. His thesis deals with the effect of submarine landslide failure and flow on tsunami genesis. This topic gave him valuable insights into the complexity of this natural disaster. Through numerical modelling, he developed strong scripting skills in Python and Bash.

His Master education at ETH Zurich, with Major in Geophysics, let Thomas understand processes and structures of the Earth’s interior. He was educated to obtain a solid understanding of mathematical, numerical, and physical methods within a range of geophysical disciplines such as seismology, geodynamics, and applied geophysics.

During the Bachelor education at ETH Zurich and the University of Toulouse he learned about the major concepts and methodologies of Earth Sciences, and developed independent work and problem-solving skills.

Thomas is an analytical thinker and ready to deliver digital solutions for the clients.