Stian Lågstad

Stian finished his master's thesis at The University of Oslo in the spring of 2016. During his time as a student, he got exposed to several programming languages, such as R, Python, Scheme, Java, and Javascript. In his work experience following that, first as a consultant for Knowit and then as a software engineer for Cognite, he spent a lot of time in the JVM world with Java and Scala.

Stian believes in letting the compiler and linting tools do as much work as possible because then he as the developer has fewer options to shoot himself in the foot. Following that, he is an eager supporter of strict, functional languages such as Haskell and Scala.

Stian is a pragmatic programmer with the ability to see the world from the user's perspective, and can thus see their problems and create real solutions. He also has experience being the link between a development team and the customer, having been a tech lead for a small development team in a previous job.