Sebastian Franco Ulloa

Sebastian is a curious person always looking to learn about new topics and combining them in any way he can think of. He received his PhD in biocomputional sciences in March 2021 from the University of Bologna/Italian Institute of Technology. Sebastian’s reasearch has been focused on how nanomaterials interact with physiological environments. He is experienced in molecular simulations, data visualization, and scientific writing.

During his PhD, Sebastian managed large amounts of data (hundreds of gigabytes) generated from molecular simulations. In this type of computation, numerical methods are used to iteratively solve coupled differential equations, which in turn offers an atomic description of physicochemical processes.

When approaching a scientific problem, Sebastian looks for inspiration in Nature, which has perfected behaviors (e.g. preying strategies) over millions of years.

Sebastian is particularly drawn to creative, unconventional ways of displaying data. He is passionate about generative art, dancing, and animals. His values are based on critical thinking, diversity, inclusion, and teaching.