Naeeme Danesh Moghaddam

Naeeme is an enthusiastic software developer with many years of experience as a project engineer. Before joining our team, she worked in the field of 3D modelling and CFD simulation of reactive and non-reactive flows, employing high-performance computing and immersive virtual reality environments to optimize the performance of industrial units. This allowed her to gain experience in solving complex problems using her expertise in software development combined with her knowledge in fluid dynamics, chemical thermodynamics, mass and heat transfer.

Naeeme holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and a master’s degree in environmental engineering. During her career, she worked intensively in developing software for 3D modelling of complex geometries (mesh generation) and advanced data visualization in 2D and 3D environments.

Working as a project engineer made her an expert in the analysis of measurement data in industrial units, as well as the interpretation and the visualization of such data in an understandable manner. She also had the chance to work closely with engineers in different fields, sometimes climb up a 100 meters boiler, sometimes look at sugar production or paper factories.