Max Endo Kokubun

Max has a PhD (2014) in Aerospace Engineering (INPE, Brazil) and two postdoctoral experiences: one in Applied Mathematics, at IMPA (Brazil, 2014-2016) and another in Chemistry, at the University of Bergen (2016-2019). He has experience and interest in multiphase flow, reactive flows, flows in porous media, heat transfer, CFD, to name a few. Additionally, he has programming experience in Fortran, Matlab, Python and Octave.

More than the scientific capabilities, Max’s expertise relies on its experience in bridging fundamental and applied science.

During the five years Max was a postdoctoral fellow, he collaborated with researchers from several countries (Brazil, USA, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, UK) and different backgrounds (mathematicias, phyisicists, chemists, engineers).