Martin Alnæs

Martin is an expert scientific programmer with a PhD in computational science and more than a decade of software engineering experience from research and industry. This combination of a solid educational background in mathematics and computer science, research and supervision experience, and lots of practical software engineering experience allows him to tackle most development problems as a team player or independently if need be.

He has worked on a wide range of software types including: web tools for scientific visualization using WebGL and JavaScript; embedded audio DSP programming in C; music sequencer software in C++; tools for diff and merge of Jupyter notebooks in Python; utilities for build and test systems in Python; high performance numerical computations in C++ and Fortran; mixed language API design for C++/Python libraries; automated C++ code generation tools with just in time compilation from Python; a declarative domain specific language and symbolic mathematics library for partial differential equations in Python; and software for solving partial differential equations and flow problems.