Kine Onsum Moseid

Kine is an organized scientific programmer that likes to solve problems from a big picture approach. She submitted her PhD thesis in Climate Science in December of 2021, and during her doctorate she analyzed radiation and air pollution data from a multitude of climate model simulations and compared them with observations. This work gave insight in big data analytics and visualisation, especially regarding time series and how to avoid common pitfalls like comparing apples and oranges. She enjoys working with large datasets, learning new things, and communicating/teaching science.

Kine gained HPC and scripting experience from designing and performing climate simulations with the Norwegian Earth System Model during her PhD, and wrote the current introductory documentation (newbie guide) for this model. She has strong communicative skills and enjoys experimenting with data visualization as a communicative tool.

She values collaboration and teamwork, and she has experience in working with diverse teams through academic research projects. Her research paper on climate model performance (Moseid et al., 2020) has been recognized by being cited in the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) newest physical assessment report.

In her spare time she enjoys taking pictures of clouds.