Kate Heerema

Kate holds a PhD in Marine Geology from Durham University, United Kingdom, and completed a post-doc at the University of Victoria, Canada. She is a problem solver, analytical thinker and loves a challenge. With her Earth Sciences background, she is an expert in big data analysis and visualisation, fieldwork planning and preparation, as well as instrument deployment. She has worked with a variety of geophysical data, and is always eager to dive into new data acquisition types. She has strong collaboration skills, extensive teaching experience and great communication skills.

Prior to her PhD where she analysed Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler data, she completed her masters at Uppsala University, Sweden, with a specialisation in geomorphology and glaciology. Here, she processed and analysed Ground Penetrating Radar data from Svalbard, and did sediment analysis at an external laboratory in Denmark. She is an expert in the pipeline of field work design, data acquisition, data analysis through to data presentation.