Jakob Schreiner

Jakob submitted his master’s degree in Computational Science and Engineering at the University of Oslo in 2016. His educational background is in mathematics and computational science applied on mechanical problems using numerical methods.

This has fuelled his interest for science and technology. He has mainly used Python and has substantial experience using numerical libraries such as Numpy/Scipy and FEniCS. He is also familiar with C/C++ and Java. His experience includes teaching introductory Python at the University of Oslo, mostly in one-to-one settings.

Before joining Expert Analytics he was engaged as a Research Engineer at Simula Research Laboratory. In his thesis he simulated the cerebrospinal fluid flow in patient specific geometries. He solved partial differential equations with the finite element method using supercomputers, both in his master’s thesis and during his work at Simula. Through his education and work he has gained significant experience with numerical simulations and mathematical modelling, as well as problem solving in general.