Gry M. Tveten

Gry is a curious, efficient and pragmatic problem solver. She completed her PhD in experimental nuclear physics at the University of Oslo in 2013 and most of her PhD work was carried out at CERN. She has 6 years of post doc experience. Her recent work focused on understanding how the elements are created in stellar processes. This research required developing detection systems, analyzing data, visualization and carrying out complex simulations. She has also teaching experience, including course development at university level and has led her own projects since she completed her PhD.

Through her studies and work, Gry has programmed in C, C++, Python and MATLAB, in addition obscure languages used in physics. She is therefore adaptable to new language and frameworks. She has experience developing scientific software and is familiar with various frameworks for analysis.

Gry’s educational background is in mechanical engineering and physics, with an emphasis on sensors and detection. Before studying engineering and physics, she studied language and logic. This combination of very different subjects makes her well suited for working in interdisciplinary environments.