Felix Kohler

Felix is a research scientist with experience in data analysis and scientific programming. He holds a PhD in physics and worked in various interdisciplinary projects both as a Postdoc and Researcher in an academic setting as well as a senior researcher in industry. Felix has a background in both experimental studies as well as mathematical and numerical modelling. His creativity, analytical mindset and scientific experience provide him with a solid foundation for finding solutions to complex problems.

His areas of expertise include image processing, time series analysis, numerical simulations of complex physical systems, statistical data analysis, machine learning applications as well as visualisation and handling of large datasets. Felix worked in the fields of environmental physics, biophysics, optics, microscopy, physics of complex systems, crystal growth, geophysics, neuroscience, sport science and medical instrument technology. During his career he collaborated with people from various backgrounds including meteorology, medicine, biology, engineering, geology, psychology and biochemistry. Felix is driven by curiosity and is always looking for new challenges.