Christian Pedersen

Christian holds a PhD in fluid mechanics from the University of Oslo, where he also worked as a postdoctoral researcher. His expertise includes mathematical modeling, numerical methods and programming. Christian enjoys working in interdisciplinary environments and applying this knowledge to contribute to real-world solutions.

During his PhD studies, he was involved in several research projects collaborating with multiple international research institutes. His main responsibility was the assessment of experimental data, including creating software for data analysis and visualization, the development of theoretical models, and the software implementation of numerical solvers. In his time in academia, he worked on problems related to elastohydrodynamics, lubrication, multiphase flow, charging of supercapacitors, and biomechanics. In addition, he has also worked with machine learning by combining neural networks with a
reinforcement learning framework for flow optimization problems in tubular networks.

Besides research, Christian is also an experienced lecturer and he has taught several courses in fluid mechanics at the University of Oslo as well as supervising students, both at the master’s and PhD levels.