Åsmund Ødegård

Åsmund is a senior software developer, project leader, and researcher, with more than 20 years of professional experience. After spending 13 years at Simula Research Laboratory, Norway’s top-ranked ICT research institution, he founded Expert Analytics in 2013, together with Ola Skavhaug.

Through various positions in his career, he has obtained a broad set of technical and management skills, which he now put to good use as both Board chair of Expert Analytics and Advisor to various clients. During the first ten years of Expert Analytics’ existence he served as CEO of the company. His main areas of technical expertise spans from advanced mathematical software development through web programming to scripting, and from administration of advanced ICT solutions and configuration management to operational work. Through education and practical hands-on experience he has developed strong analytical skills within his fields of expertise. Åsmund holds a PhD in Scientific Computing and a MSc in applied mathematics.