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Expert Analytics is a high tech software consultancy based in Oslo, Norway. We offer quality software solutions for industrial applications to both domestic and international customers. Our experts have years of hands-on programming experience combined with a solid background in the natural sciences, which translates into an ability to analyse and solve complex challenges. For the client, it guarantees that our solutions will meet their needs and beyond.

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Expert Analytics was founded in 2013, and originated from Simula Research Laboratory

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Our consultants

Alessandro Marin

Alessandro has a PhD in Physics and 10+ years of corporate and academic experience in software development, machine learning, scientific research, and technical troubleshooting. Alessandro is eager to work with new technologies and is experienced in solving problems analytically and with creativity. At the same time he is proficient in handling technical issues and in communicating with end users.

Kine Onsum Moseid

Kine is an organized scientific programmer that likes to solve problems from a big picture approach. She submitted her PhD thesis in Climate Science in December of 2021, and during her doctorate she analyzed radiation and air pollution data from a multitude of climate model simulations and compared them with observations. This work gave insight in big data analytics and visualisation, especially regarding time series and how to avoid common pitfalls like comparing apples and oranges. She enjoys working with large datasets, learning new things, and communicating/teaching science.

Solveig Næss

Solveig is an enthusiastic problem solver with strong collaboration skills. With a PhD in brain physics, she enjoys applying mathematics, physics and programming to develop new methods and answer complex questions.

Kristine Sønstevold Beckmann

Kristine has a Master’s degree and three years experience as a PhD-student in Nuclear Physics. She has accumulated extensive practice with statistical analysis of sensor data and problem solving using programming tools such as Python and C++. Kristine has performed analyses consisting of handling raw data, performing calibrations, doing time series analysis, statistical fitting of peak distributions and doing model simulations in order to compare to experimental data.

Marco Nava

Marco holds a Ph.D in computational Condensed Matter Physics, with a strong focus on quantum and classical atomistic simulation methods. Throughout his decade-long career he has worked on both software development - mainly in C++ and Python - and research intensive projects across several research fields ranging from low-temperature physics to computational chemistry and biophysics. This experience, along with his robust mathematical and coding background, allows him to be a broad and thorough problem solver, well capable of working both independently and as a team member.

Naeeme Danesh Moghaddam

Naeeme is an enthusiastic software developer with many years of experience as a project engineer. Before joining our team, she worked in the field of 3D modelling and CFD simulation of reactive and non-reactive flows, employing high-performance computing and immersive virtual reality environments to optimize the performance of industrial units. This allowed her to gain experience in solving complex problems using her expertise in software development combined with her knowledge in fluid dynamics, chemical thermodynamics, mass and heat transfer.

Mats Brun

Mats has a PhD (2019) in applied and computational mathematics (University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway), in addition to a postdoctoral experience in biomathematics at the University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway (2020-2021). He has experience and interest in biomathematics, fluid mechanics, flow in porous media, heat transfer, solid mechanics, coupled systems, among others. Moreover, he has programming experience in Python, Java, Matlab and Haskell. Mats is an analytical and creative problem solver, whose expertise relies on diverse experience with mathematical modeling and numerical programming, with applications ranging from geothermal energy storage to evolutionary biology, in addition to several teaching experiences.

Sebastian Franco Ulloa

Sebastian is a curious person always looking to learn about new topics and combining them in any way he can think of. He received his PhD in biocomputional sciences in March 2021 from the University of Bologna/Italian Institute of Technology. Sebastian’s reasearch has been focused on how nanomaterials interact with physiological environments. He is experienced in molecular simulations, data visualization, and scientific writing.

Thomas Zengaffinen-Morris

Thomas has a background in Earth Sciences and likes solving challenging problems. During his education at NGI Oslo, UiO, and ETH Zurich, he gained valuable scripting skills to automate processes, analyse and visualise data, and perform numerical simulations.

Marty Cochrane

CTO of Expert Analytics. Marty is well known in Norway and much further afield for his knowledge when it comes to Edge Analytics, predictive maintenance and energy trading. He’s spent his last ten years building automated control systems, leading Nordic software development at Statkraft, solving complex Edge analytics problems for maritime, manufacturing, construction & energy and has been an executive technical lead for a range of organisations. At weekends you’ll find Marty in different countries either competing racing superbikes or using his low level software skills to modify motorcycle engine control systems where he’s built his own analytics platform and predictive traction control systems.

Max Endo Kokubun

Max has a PhD (2014) in Aerospace Engineering (INPE, Brazil) and two postdoctoral experiences: one in Applied Mathematics, at IMPA (Brazil, 2014-2016) and another in Chemistry, at the University of Bergen (2016-2019). He has experience and interest in multiphase flow, reactive flows, flows in porous media, heat transfer, CFD, to name a few. Additionally, he has programming experience in Fortran, Matlab, Python and Octave.

More than the scientific capabilities, Max’s expertise relies on its experience in bridging fundamental and applied science.

Fredrik Meyer

Fredrik holds a PhD in algebraic geometry, and enjoys programming and teaching. He enjoys explaining hard concepts, both in a one-to-many and one-to-one setting. He enjoys encountering new problems, and spending time thinking on creative solutions. As a software consultant he has learned how to build robust software and write clean and maintainable code. Before joining us, Fredrik worked at Bekk Consulting, where he has worked with both frontend and backend systems.

Sigmund Slang

Sigmund submitted his masters’s degree in Geophysics and Seismology at the University of Oslo in 2019. The subject of the thesis was Attenuation of Seismic Interference Noise using Convolutional Neural Networks and was written in collaboration with CGG Services AS. This work gave insight in the fields of machine learning and seismic signal processing.

Emil Løvgren

Analyst, strategist and technology enthusiast.

Broad industry insight and project management experience from cross-industry collaboration projects, business development, research strategy, and project planning and execution.

Robert Solli

Robert Solli is a specialist in scientific programming, with expertise in mathematical optimisation, statistical analysis and machine learning. He has solved a varied set of problems with this skillset, from understanding complex physical systems to increasing student volunteer participation.

Robert Hagala

Robert has a PhD in astrophysics, with a specialisation in cosmological simulations. He is experienced with numerical modelling of physical systems, statistical analysis of large data sets, high-performance computing, and cloud based applications.

Ada Ortiz-Carbonell

Ada is a senior researcher with 20 years of academic experience in the field of Astrophysics during which she taught, mentored students, organized several international conferences and led her own research projects. She is engaged in scientific communication and outreach, having published two books, delivered public lectures, appeared in the media explaining solar physics to a general audience and been nominated as TED speaker. She decided to take on a new challenge and apply her skills in the industry. Ada enjoys analyzing complex problems as well as extracting valuable information out of data.

Ata Karakci

Ata holds a PhD in physics with specialisation in astrophysics which he obtained from Brown University in 2014. Before joining the Expert Analytics team, he has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oslo and Universite Paris VII. His expertise includes statistical analysis of large data sets, numerical modelling, signal processing, imaging, and programming.

Thomas Golding

Thomas is interested in bringing to life the potential of data for automation and insight purposes. He will happily engage in the various steps of the process, from analysis and machine learning to data collection and software development.

Gry M. Tveten

Gry is a curious, efficient and pragmatic problem solver. She completed her PhD in experimental nuclear physics at the University of Oslo in 2013 and most of her PhD work was carried out at CERN. She has 6 years of post doc experience. Her recent work focused on understanding how the elements are created in stellar processes. This research required developing detection systems, analyzing data, visualization and carrying out complex simulations. She has also teaching experience, including course development at university level and has led her own projects since she completed her PhD.

Diako Darian

Diako holds a Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics from the University of Oslo. As a student at both Mathematics and Physics departments at the University of Oslo, he has acquired a broad knowledge in various physical and mathematical theories, and numerical methods.

Simen Tennøe

Simen is a computational scientist who finished his Ph.D. in computational neuroscience in 2019. He has a background from computational astrophysics where he wrote software for finding clusters of galaxies in cosmological N-body simulations. His Ph.D. focused on quantifying uncertainties in computational models of neurons and neural networks and he created a Python toolbox for performing these calculations.

Kent-Andre Mardal

Kent-Andre is a Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Oslo. He has extensive experience with computational modeling, multi-physics simulations, high-performance computing, and scientific software development (Python and C++).

Trygve Bærland

Trygve holds a master’s degree in Industrial Mathematics at NTNU from 2015, and a Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics at the University of Oslo from 2019. In his thesis Trygve developed, analysed and implemented efficient algorithms for solving systems of equations related to fluid flow in the brain.

Anis Ayati

Anis holds a PhD in Fluid Mechanics from the University of Oslo. Before joining us, he completed a three-year postdoctoral fellowship, which included research stays at PUC-Rio, Brazil and Princeton University, USA.

Alocias Mariadason

Alocias has a master’s degree in physics from the University of Oslo, submitted in spring 2018. The subject of the thesis was Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations of Quantum dots constrained in single- and double well potentials. He solved the numerical problem for both systems with new analytic expressions which had not been explicitly done before and a newer method with roots in machine learning to further improve upon the results.

Pia Zacharias

Pia is a physicist with more than ten years of experience in scientific programming and data analysis. She holds a PhD in physics, which she obtained from the University of Freiburg, Germany in 2010. She has been working as a researcher, mentor and lecturer in astrophysics at different research institutions across Europe before she joined Expert Analytics in 2018. Her areas of expertise include numerical simulations of complex physical systems, statistical data analysis and signal processing, as well machine learning applications and visualization and handling of large datasets.

Roar Emaus

Roar has a master’s degree in High Energy Physics from the University of Oslo, completed in 2018. In his thesis he studied two different models of particle production at high energies, one statistical using the thermodynamical equations and one using the properties of a theoretical particle called Pomeron.

Sebastian Gjertsen

Sebastian holds a master’s degree in applied mathematics from the University of Oslo and Simula Research Laboratory, finished in 2017. In his thesis he built a Fluid-Structure Interaction solver with Python using the FEniCS platform. This also included working with supercomputers parallelizing the computational efforts. During his studies he gained knowledge in algorithms, numerical computing and programming in different languages.

Alexander Fleischer

Alexander is a seasoned programmer specializing in Python; a result of more than three years of professional experience as a Python systems developer and over a decade programming in Python. He has worked in both the public transport sector and the energy sector on several projects combining back-end and front-end development. Alexander holds a master’s thesis in computational quantum physics from the University of Oslo.

Andreas Slyngstad

Andreas submitted his master’s thesis in applied mathematics from the University of Oslo and Simula Research Laboratory. In his thesis he investigated numerical schemes, for solving equations describing Fluid-Structure Interaction, using Python and FEniCS. His academic background has given him several tools and approaches for solving complex problems in a computational/software domain.

Guttorm Kvaal

Guttorm is a curious person with an interest and enthusiasm for technology and problem solving. His academic background is focused around applied mathematics, programming, and physics. He submitted his master’s thesis the summer 2017 in the field of Computational Science and Engineering at the University of Oslo / Simula.

Martin Alnæs

Martin is an expert scientific programmer with a PhD in computational science and more than a decade of software engineering experience from research and industry. This combination of a solid educational background in mathematics and computer science, research and supervision experience, and lots of practical software engineering experience allows him to tackle most development problems as a team player or independently if need be.

Jakob Schreiner

Jakob submitted his master’s degree in Computational Science and Engineering at the University of Oslo in 2016. His educational background is in mathematics and computational science applied on mechanical problems using numerical methods.

Eivind Storm Aarnæs

Eivind has a masters degree in Computational Science from the University of Oslo, completed in 2016. His project investigated a particle system modeling linear elasticity, and accelerating linear algebra computations using GPUs. From the studies leading to his degree he has gained broad knowledge about algorithms, numerical mathematics, and programming in several languages.

Vinzenz Gregor Eck

Vinzenz is a curious, pragmatic, creative problem solver. He holds a PhD in biomechanical engineering, focusing on stochastic simulations of the blood flow in the human arterial system. This interdisciplinary work included working within engineering, medicine, biology, software development and statistics.

Jonathan Feinberg

Jonathan is a specialist within machine learning, stochastic modelling, statistics, and numerical programming. He has an eye for seeing possible solutions to the “hard” problems, and being able to quickly convert those into functioning prototypes.

Ola Skavhaug

Founder and CSO of Expert Analytics. Loves mixing high and low level languages to join flexibility and high perfomance computing.

Åsmund Ødegård

Founder and CEO of Expert Analytics. Enjoys developing small and large systems in a number of languages and environments. Makes sure that everyting is working well, both with clients and internally.