In Expert Analytics we make time for side projects between our consulting assignments. The idea is that when we are not with clients, we use our time to learn or develop new tools and technologies. These side projects some times end up as open source projects or demonstrable applications. Below, you will find some of these side projects created by our team.

Neural Network Weather Application

Among our fields of expertise, Expert Analytics offers consultancy services in the field of machine learning, and we have written an article on the subject here.

As a small demonstration of the power of machine learning, we have programmed a neural network that can predict the weather in Oslo, based solely on the weather on the last few days.  Try it out here!

GLS: A Bash LS-clone with Git information

GLS is a clone of the tried and tested LS. GLS works about the same, but adds information about file statuses in git repositories through color coding. In addition, tracked hidden files (starting with a .), are shown by default. Reversely, if a file is ignored, it is hidden from default view. A fast tool for getting basic information about files and their relation to the git working tree.

Enterless: A Vim extension for fast file navigation

Enterless is an extension of the Vim text editor for browsing. It is designed to minimize the number of keys pressed to get to anywhere on the system.

CVCreator: A template based CV generator

Working in consulting requires the creation of many custom CVs. To this end, we have created CVCreator. Instead of manually creating each CV from scratch, we fill all relevant content into a YAML-configuration file. This file is then passed into the program to automatically generate a CV. CVCreator supports multiple styles and slicing and dicing of content, making custom CVs easy to create.